Owner / Contact: Robert Binns
HQH Fitness Salesperson: Kerry Johnson
Fitout Date: March 2011
Business Name: GYM101
Address: Unit 10, 30-34 Tawa Street, Mt Maunganui
Contact: Ph: 07 575 3995    Mob: 027 453 4452    Email:

GYM101 The Garrison is located in a modern commercial warehouse style building.  It has an innovative, modern minimalistic style. Robert Binns has opened a no frills "what you see is what you get" training facility, specializing in Kettlebell training, suspension training, GRAVITY Training, powerlifting MMA conditioning, Brazilian Jujitsu and sports specific training to name but a few.

With a diverse range of equipment including Total Gym, Indian Clubs, Om gym (suspension yoga), Olympic Rings, heavy Ropes, Boxes, weights and bands, TRX, cable machines, kettlebells, medicine balls, cyclone balls, Gym 101 is not only different to local gyms, it offers a completely unique, full body strength and conditioning, body weight and core work experience.

Robert Binns is also the sole distributor of the CrossCore 180 suspension training system and is the only qualified trainer able to teach this system to trainers and the public within New Zealand.

GYM101 has been open since 1st May 2011 and already boasts a wide and diverse range of clientele including local, provincial, national and international rugby players, Mt Maunganui Sports Rugby premier and colts team, local surfers, Bay of Plenty rugby players, Waikato chiefs player, Waikato ITM cup player, iron woman, local physiotherapy group, martial arts groups, housewives, brides to be, pensioners, local business people, kids, as well as several retired New Zealand Sevens players.

And the main objective of GYM101? "After 3 months of training everyone will be able to chin their own weight at least 12 times, perform a minimum of 50 press ups and use Kettlebells for 30 minutes without putting them down between exercises." How's THAT for a challenge?!

Owner Robert Binns said of HQH Fitness:

"Having moved back (to NZ) from owning a gym in London, I visited 4 equipment companies before finding HQH Fitness and Kerry. From the word go her professionalism and dedication to what i was looking for in setting up my private personal training studio was beyond excellent.The equipment and pricing she gave me was compatible and competitive in some areas with everyone else, but the pre and post-sales service was exceptional. I wouldn't even consider looking anywhere else when i am ready to expand my facility. Thank you Kerry and HQH Fitness for helping me get started on time and on budget."

If you would like to have a friendly discussion about your plans or ideas (no obligation) and would like to see how HQH Fitness can help you setup your new studio/facility or revamp your existing one, contact Kerry Johnson on or phone 800.552.8789


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