Environmental Concerns

Greg and Nancy are proud to be Amateur Beekeepers and the impact they have on the environment. Because of this, they want to inform others about how pesticides and human involvement are affecting bees and thousands of other plants, insects and environments. They encourage others to do what they can for the environment.

Silence of the Bees

For a number of different reasons, Honey Bees are important economically, fascinating biologically, and important ecologically. Bees pollinate so many crops, not only the things we eat, but they pollinate plants that the birds and animals eat. So without them, everything you see around you probably wouldn't be here.


A natural hive (i.e. in a tree) will die within 3 years because of the mites. These mites have become immune to diseases and environmental aspects that used to kill them. They attack the larvae and in time, the whole colony. Bees used to be able to defend against these mites but because of the pesticides and human involvement, mites are now stronger. Honey bees now cannot live naturally. They are also killing Monarch butterflies and thousands of other plants, insects and animals.

The question is: Would humans survive without bees?

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said "If all bees in the world died out, mankind would have four years to live". While we can't say whether this is true or not, bees are responsible for more pollination than any other creature, so without them a lot of pollination would not take place and many crops would fail. They are not important just for food crops, but for the whole ecosystem.

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