"Having moved back from owning a gym in London, I visited 4 equipment companies before finding HQH Fitness and Kerry. From the word go her professionalism and dedication to what i was looking for in setting up my private personal training studio was beyond excellent.

The equipment and pricing she gave me was compatible and competitive in some areas with everyone else, but the pre and after sales service was exceptional.

I wouldn't even consider looking anywhere else when I am ready to expand my facility.

Thank you Kerry and HQH Fitness for helping me get started on time and on budget."

Robert Binns
Owner and Director
Mt Manganui


GRAVITY Testimonials

"GRAVITY Training is for the new breed of fitness professional.

Utilised extensively by physio and occupational therapists the world over, the GTS and PowerTower systems have now been brought to the fitness industry with great fanfare, and for great reason.

With the ability to cater for a diverse range of clients, from rehabilitation to athletic development, GRAVITY had me hooked from day one.

Now, on the same system I teach my older clients' basic core conditioning and movement patterns, I am teaching elite soccer players and basketballers how to get more from their game, from agility and lateral movement to power and speed development. I would definitely recommend GRAVITY training and equipment to any trainer who wants to be able to give more to, as well as get more from, each and every client you train!"

Josh Smith - Mitise Health & Fitness


More testimonials coming soon!

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