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Betaine Digestive Aid


Digestive aid for better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  • Natural-source digestive supplementation. Broad spectrum of enzymes that function specifically in the acidic environment of the stomach to support the body's natural digestive processes.
  • Supports protein digestion. Betaine hydrocholoride and acid-stable, acid-activated proteases including papain improve protein digestion.
  • Base of dried beet, liquorice root, and lemon.
  • Non-habit forming. Addresses causes of indigestion in the stomach, not just the symptoms.

Betaine supports efficient digestion in the stomach with “controlled-release” hydrochloric acid and plant-sourced, acid-stable enzymes to assist digestion of protein and lactose.

100 tablets


SUGGESTED USE: 1 to 3 tablets daily, immediately before or with food.

Protease, hydrochloric acid (from betaine HCl) and lactase reinforce normal stomach digestive secretions compromised by age, stress, alcohol or antacid overuse. Hydrochloric acid readies protein for enzymatic digestion, activates natural gastric enzyme, pepsinogen, and is needed for absorption of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and B12. Lactase assists digestion of lactose (milk sugar).

5 reasons to support stomach efficiency with Betaine

  1. Ideal ratio. Together, Betaine hydrochloride, lactase and protein-digesting enzymes help supplement normal stomach digestive secretions that can be compromised by age, stress, alcohol or overuse of antacids.1
  2. 100% plant-sourced in a base of dried beet, rhubarb, liquorice root and lemon. No animal ingredients.
  3. Hydrochloric acid. Prepares protein for enzymatic activity and assists with mineral and B-vitamin absorption.
  4. Focused delivery. Betaine hydrochloride and enzymes, including protease and papain, support protein digestion.1
  5. Assists lactose digestion. Contains the enzyme lactase to aid in the digestion of lactose (milk sugar) found in dairy and other products.1

1. Sadler M.J., Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Academic Press, 1998.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Packaged with safety seal.

Use only as directed, unless under the advice of a qualified health professional. Nutritional supplements should complement a balanced diet.

Betaine Digestive Aid

$46.74 NZD

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