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Green Personal Cleaner


Do your part for the environment.

June 5 is World Environment Day, so this month show you care by going green. GNLD's environmentally friendly personal care solution - Green, is used just like a soap, so it is great for washing, showering and bathing. Highly concentrated and 100% biodegradeable, it is rinseable, leaving no sticky, irritating residue and with a neutral pH it will not dry your skin like many other cleansing products can. Buy a case of Green this month and you will receive three Green plungers and three new look hand dispensers FREE!

950 ml

Green is a remarkable liquid cleaning concentrate that thoroughly, yet gently, dissolves dirt. Its neutral pH makes it the ideal personal care cleanser.

Green is perfect for every member of the family; safe for washing, showering or bathing. You use it like soap, but it’s 100% rinsable, leaving no sticky, irritating residue on your skin.

In fact, Green can actually protect your hands when you paint, work in the garden, or do other dirty chores.

Versatile and economical: One product washes hands, face, hair, body, plants, pets, baby clothes, etc.

Concentrated; can be used full strength or diluted with water.

Features Kelpro, an exclusive organic protein base (derived from kelp) for effective, gentle cleansing.

Neutral pH; fully compatible with skin.

Free rinsing: No residue to attract additional dirt or cause irritation.

100% biodegradable.

Use Green for hand washing, bathing and showering. It dissolves and removes dirt safely and gently, without drying.

Personal Care: Use full strength. For fast, easy clean up, cover hands with an “invisible glove” of Green before attacking those extra dirty chores.

Medium Use: One teaspoon per litre of water. To remove dust from trees, shrubs, and indoor plants.

Light Use: A few drops in a basin of cool water. To gently launder baby clothes, lingerie and very fine fabrics.

Product-Specific Articles:

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Water, lauramide DEA, TEA lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolysed animal protein, kelpro, citric acid, tetrasodium EDTA, preservative, fragrance, colour.

Green Personal Cleaner

$37.64 NZD

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