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RMT Club


Made in the USA, the RMT® Club is used by professional athletes and trainers in virtually every sport because of its versatility and unique training benefits. Its patented design opens new avenues in functional training and improves functional strengthrotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning, and balance.

Unlike a kettlebell, dumbbell, or other traditional training equipment, the RMT® Club incorporates:

Fixed Reinforced Handle - giving it the ability to connect multi-directional movement and increased range of motion

Internal Shifting Weight - giving it the ability to create dynamic resistance, act as a counter weight, or provide audible feedback for proper positioning, timing, and, coordination

Durable Flexible Club Head - giving it the ability to absorb maximum impact




The shifting weight insude the RMT®  Club creates dynamic resistance, allowing you to engage your entire body, creat counter/antio-rotation, and integrate rotational movement throughout the body with strength, fluidity and balance.  The shifting weight also provides audible feedback to help cue positioning, create fluid movement patterns (no sound), and intensify resistance when changing direction (sound).


The RMT® Club's reinforced fixed handle can withstand high intensity swings (acceleration and declaration) in every direction. The RMT® Club's handle length (21") connects multi-directional movement patterns simultaneously, synchronizes movements between the dominant and non-dominant side, and improves your range of motion.


Designed to absorb impact, reduce the risk of injury, and protect your gym or home from wear and tear, the RMT® Club's flexible head can be struck against a padded surface (recommended) when completing a functional movement pattern, swung very quickly in multiple directions, and used for myofacial release.




RMT Club

2lb $230.00 NZD

4lb $240.00 NZD

6lb $250.00 NZD

8lb $260.00 NZD

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