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BOSU Integrated Balance Training DVD


The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a truly unique balance, core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training or stand alone as an outstanding functional conditioning tool.

In this DVD you will experience a wide range of movements that can be used to plan programming for individuals, group exercise classes or sports conditioning for athletes.

You will learn:

  • The scientific facts behind functional balance training drills that integrate balance with cardiovascular training to improve dynamic balance, agility, coordination and stabilization.
  • Exercises that integrate balance with endurance training
  • Balance and stabilization exercises for improved posture.
  • Static and dynamic movement patterns that train balance and stabilization for the core, shoulder girdle, hips and pelvis, and foot/lower leg region.
  • Stretches that vary from static and passive to active and balance-challenging....AND MUCH MORE

Total Running Time: 63:00 minutes

BOSU Balance Trainer workouts can:

Integrate Balance with Cardiovascular Training
Using the Bosu® Balance Trainer, you can walk, run, step, hop, jump and leap. These rhythmic activities can be sequenced for an aerobic workout as well as progressed or sequenced to challenge the anaerobic energy system.

Integrate Balance with Muscular Endurance and Strength Training
The entire strength continuum, which ranges from low-level muscular endurance through maximal strength and power, can be trained while integrating balance and stabilisation.

Integrate Balance with Core Training
Both core stabilisation and isolation or mover-type trunk conditioning can take place in a variety of postitions on the Bosu® Balance Trainer.

Integrate Balance with Flexibility Training
Stretching on the Bosu can move from a static and passive approach to a dynamic, balance-challenging and active approach.

Integrate Balance with Sports Conditioning
Through a variety of static balance exercises and dynamic balance drills, what you can accomplish with regard to specific transfer to virtually any sport, is almost unlimited. Whether your focus is cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, or balance, agility and sports movement - the Bosu Integrated Balance Workout integrates the concept of "body equilibrium" into a total fitness approach.

BOSU Integrated Balance Training DVD

$32.00 NZD

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