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BOSU Equilibrium DVD


Presented by Jay Blahnik.

BOSU® makes every workout better!

Experience a wide variety of yoga and Pilates-inspired poses, exercises and stretches that can improve your balance, flexibility and stabilizing strength.

The dynamic nature of the Bosu® Balance Trainer makes it the perfect complement to mind/body style workouts.

Throughout this DVD Jay will teach you unique variations of traditional stretches. He will also show you how to add balance and proprioceptive challenges to yoga and Pilates movements.

Total Running Time 64:30 min.

Workout Format

Simultaneously acclimate to the dynamic surface of the Bosu and prepare your body for the upcoming poses and stretches.

Equilibrium I
Practice a variety of standing poses and stretches on top of the dome.

Equilibrium II
Flow through a unique series of movements inspired by the Sun Salutation with the Bosu turned platform side up.

Equilibrium III
Perform a challenging, Pilates-inspired sequence of seated, supine and prone movement patterns.

BOSU Equilibrium DVD

$24.95 NZD

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