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BOSU Calorie Combustion DVD


Presented by Rob Glick

Get incredible calorie burning and lots of fun with the BOSU® Balance Trainer!

Well-known fitness trainer Rob Glick will coach you through an exciting and challenging workout that emphasises increased muscle toning as well as amazing calorie burning.

Calorie Combustion combines step routines, cardio dance and sports movements into one original, fun and effective calorie burning workout.

The unique design and unstable surface of the Bosu® Balance Trainer allows you to burn even more calories because your muscles are working harder to stay balanced and stable on the Bosu® Balance Trainer's dynamic surface.

This workout is easy to follow and easy on your body but it is definitely designed to keep your heart rate up and your muscles challenged. If you love traditional stepping and dance routines, you will truly enjoy this non-traditional and fun approach to calorie burning.

Rob will carefully instruct you in the safest and most effective way to use the Bosu® Balance Trainer and demonstrate easier and more difficult modifications for many of the routines.

Total Running Time: 37:42 minutes

Workout Format

Warm-Up and Acclimation
This routine will help you to get used to moving easily off and on the Bosu Balance Trainer's domed surface and reacclimate you to it each time you do this workout.

Segment I
A cardio workout segment that combines traditional step routines with cardio dance.

Segment II
Combines dance, step and sports-inspired movement for a challenging and fun workout!

Segment III
A cool down and stretch to leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

BOSU Calorie Combustion DVD

$24.95 NZD

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