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BOSU Long and Lean DVD


Presented by Chalene Johnson

Get stronger, stretches and centred with BOSU®!

Tone and stretch your entire body in an innovative combination of yoga and Pilates-inspired routines.

The unique design of the Bosu® Balance Trainer allows you to comfortably and effectively sculpt your abs, shape your upper body and tone your lower body with flowing yoga combinations and challenging Pilates routines.

The curved and dynamic surface of the Bosu® Balance Trainer increases the work load on your muscles because you have to recruit more muscles and work them harder in order to maintain your balance.

Fitness trainer Chalene Johnson will coach you through an exciting and challenging workout that emphasises increased muscle toning and overall flexibility. She will carefully instruct you in the safest and most effective way to use the Bosu® Balance Trainer and demonstrate easier and more difficult modifications for many of the exercises.

Total Running Time: 33:28 minutes

Workout Format

Flowing yoga-inspired poses that will warm up your muscles as you become accustomed to standing on the Bosu Balance Trainer's dynamic surface.

Segment I
Standing exercises and poses that alternate toning and balance exercises with stretching to tone your lower body and core.

Segment II
Focus on your upper body in a series of fluid movements that target your muscles in a unique and very challenging workout.

Segment III
Pilates-inspired balance routine recruits your core muscles as stabilisers. Your abdominal and back muscles will fire constantly in this non-traditional and very challenging workout!

BOSU Long and Lean DVD

$24.95 NZD

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