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BOSU® Home Balance Trainer


BOSU® Home Balance Trainer

The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer can be used for or with: Sports Conditioning (both aerobic and anaerobic), stabilisation, agility training, strength, stability, flexibility training for the trunk and strength for the entire body.

Unleash your best with The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer. You'll receive everything you need to get started with your training including: 

  • BOSU® Home Balance Trainer
  • Small air pump
  • Total Body DVD
  • Calorie Combustion DVD
  • Long & Lean DVD
  • Absolutely Abs DVD
  • Non-commercial warranty

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BOSU® Home Balance Trainer Specifications 

View BOSU® Product Comparison here



Height (Inflated)


Valve Placement

Bladder Weight

Platform Construction

Base Design

Weight limit

Light blue with black clamp & platform


8.5" to 10"

15 lbs.


8 lbs.

Single mold process

 non-skid, non-marking, 6 rubberised feet

300 lbs


Commercial Use

Home Use


Not Available

90 Day limited



BOSU® Home Balance Trainer

Out of Stock $199.00 NZD

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