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Hard Foam Roller - Short


Made in New Zealand using 70% recycled plastic.

Do your muscles get tired from work or sport?

Do you want a way to relax and stretch sore muscles?

These hard short foam rollers are incredibly easy to take with you anywhere you go for an easy warm up or warm down routine.

300mm long
145mm diameter

Also available with a knitted nylon cover in maroon or blue which is great for regular outdoor use.

SPECIAL Unique Point of Difference:

These foam rollers are unique in that they have a pattern overlay that is put onto the roller to make them less slippery. Users prefer this finish over the standard hard foam roller, because the overlay ensures that the foam roller rolls as intended.


  1. Reduced tension around the neck, back and shoulders meaning less headaches.
  2. Big improvements in posture from placing the spine in the neutral position.
  3. Reduced respiratory problems from opening up the chest.
  4. Better circulation all round the body.
  5. Strengthen and improve flexibility in the ankles and to develop balance. Note for Pilates people - cushion your knees during your workout.


When used as a self massage tool after exercise you can reduce lactic acid in the muscles and reduce soreness the next day.

For athletes regular use of this hard foam roller will reduce injuries and increase flexibility.


Foam Rollers in the Athletic Training Room

Foam rollers have received increasing attention as a viable performance enhancement tool for athletes and non-athletes alike. In the athletic training room at Wooster School foam rollers are used primarily to return muscles to their normal length-tension relationships. As a performance enhancement tool a foam roller can be used to help release muscle adhesions through deep tissue pressure. The deep tissue pressure works to activate the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) which senses tension and rate of tension change in muscle tissue. The activation of the GTO causes a reflexive relaxation of the muscle tissue under pressure. The muscle adhesions are bundles of muscle fibers which have been triggered through synergistic dominance to become overactive in posture and movement patterns. Synergistic dominance is the neuromuscular phenomenon that occurs when synergists take over function for a weak or inhibited prime mover. As a result of deep pressure using a foam roller these muscle adhesions can be resolved and normal muscle length-tension relationships can be realized.

When normal length-tension in a muscle exists between opposing muscles normal movement patterns and posture can be achieved. This will enhance sport performance as a result.

Try using a foam roller on your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors (inner thigh muscles), abductors (outer thigh muscles), and lattisimus dorsi. Place the selected muscle group over the roller and use your arms to lift your body off the ground and slowly “roll” your selected muscle group over the foam roller. You will know when you come upon a muscle adhesion if you hit a sensitive area. Don’t be shy, stay on this sensitive area for 20-30 seconds or until the discomfort reduces by 50-75%. The more often you foam roll, the fewer adhesions you will find over time. Once muscles regain their natural length-tension relationships normal function of the musculoskeletal system can be achieved and this will enhance performance as well as improve quality of life. In some cases foam rolling is not enough and corrective exercise training will be a necessary component of achieving optimum musculoskeletal function.


Hard Foam Roller - Short

$45.00 NZD

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