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Functional Testing Grid


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The versatile, easy-to-use Grid is a device for developing and testing both gross and fine motor skills, stability and proprioception. You can provide agility and quickness training for athletes and help patients with neurological disorders improve gross motor skills.

Clients can move in all directions, in any plane. Training with the Grid facilitates functional activities such as walking, stepping, weight-shifting and reaching. It also assists the development of higher-level skills such as hopping, jumping, lunging and throwing.

It allows for quick, reproducible, valid and accurate assessment of movement. You can record responses by time, distance, speed and quality of movement. You can also break movement patterns down into their components, and compare them with normal values. And, no need to place tape on the floor or wall, as detailed in the next two tabs (above).


Mounted to the wall, the Grid offers a wide variety of movement exercises that assist patients towards imrpoved shoulder range of motion, enhanced movement in the upper extremities and the development of eye-hand coordination.

Floor Use

On the floor, the Grid facilitates isolated exercise testing for striding, stepping and balancing, as well as for more dynamic skills such as toe touching and ball rolling.

This product is an essential tool for C.H.E.K Level 1 Practitioners and above. They learn to use the Combo Training Grid for Primal Pattern Assessment (see Advanced Program Design Correspondence Course for more details on Primal Pattern assessments).

The Combo Training Grid is excellent as a functional assessment tool for determining level of instability in the frontal plane. It is used to assess medial rotational instability of the hip and Trendelenburg's Sign. You can see it in use in the Dynamic Medicine Ball Training DVDs.


One year


Shipping weight 13 lbs

Box size 73" x 9" x 9"

Download Spec Sheet

Functional Testing Grid

$450.00 NZD

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