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GRAVITY - Burn Under Full Force [Q1-12]


GRAVITY Burn Under Full Force is a "go hard" training for "get noticed" results!

Advance human performance with three game changing Total Gym workouts - Strength, Cardio and Active Rest - for ultimate body transformation.

This set of 3 DVDs offers a 'hard' hitting, powerful 6-day/week training program that produces exceptionally quick results. Or, used separately, can deliver 3 individual programs, each one a 10-12 week progressive regimen.

This DVD is well suited towards your inclusion of a Team Training program.

Train harder, faster and smarter with Burn Under Full Force.

 GRAVITY: Burn Under Full Force DVD package includes

  • 3-DVD Set
  • Safety Instructions Workout
  • Exercise Series

Approximate Running time:

  • Strength 55 minutes
  • Cardio 50 minutes
  • Active Rest 44 minutes

GRAVITY - Burn Under Full Force [Q1-12]

$75.00 NZD

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